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Create a showcase design feature with walkable glass flooring

Add a breathtaking design feature with a walkable glass floor from Circle Redmont.

Glass flooring systems add excitement, interest, light, and a sense of walking on air. Flooring systems are available as pavers, glass planks, glass stairs, and metal or concrete grids with inset glass. Glass flooring can also be tinted and customized to add further interest.

Glass is the perfect flooring surface to use when you want to make a statement, and when you want to introduce interest or underfloor lighting to an area. Glass flooring systems are also perfect for historic renovation projects where you might want to showcase items of interest underfoot.

63 years of superior craftsmanship with our glass flooring systems

Walkable Glass Floors, Skylights, and Vault Lights Recycle Natural Daylight

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World’s Leader in Sidewalk Vault Lights

Circle Redmont’s structural glass paver panel systems can transform a space and provide light and sophistication. Take a look at some of our previous projects that showcase the magic of sidewalk vault lights.

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Structural Glass Flooring Systems

Structural Glass Flooring Systems

Whether you need sidewalks, stair treads, landings, bridges, walls, windows, skylights, or glass solutions for a special project, we can provide you with a custom solution tailored to your specific application.

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Assisting the Architectural and Design Community Through Natural Light Alternatives


Explore your options with with our Glass Pavers and Precast Concrete, Glass Bullets and Cast Iron Vault Lights, Composite Cast Iron Walls and Ceilings,  Glass Pavers and Metal Systems, Plank Glass and Metal Systems, SolarWhite™ Glass Block and Metal Systems, Elite™ Glass Block Panel Systems, and Structural Glass Pavers and Bricks.

Glass Pavers 71R™
Glass Bullet & Vault Lights 81R™
Glass & Cast Iron Walls & Ceilings 82R™
Glass Pavers with Metal 91R™
Plank Glass with Metal 91R™
Glass Block in Metal SolarWhite™
Glass Block Panel Elite™
Glass Pavers & Glass Bricks

Glass Floors

When incorporating glass flooring into their projects, leading architects and designers specify products from Circle Redmont. Professionals at the top of their industries know that our glass panels, planks, and pavers are the result of more than 60 years of engineering and design. Durability and beauty are at the forefront of our design process at Circle Redmont. From single glass pavers to illuminated, energy-efficient glass panels, a wide selection of modular glass block and metal systems, glass block inset into concrete units, dramatic, wide-plank glass systems, and bullet glass vault lights that recall a bygone era, glass flooring products from Circle Redmont will have your clients walking on air.

Glass Decks

Elevate the design of any deck, whether it’s at a residence, a commercial property, or a public space, with glass flooring. Glass decks can fill the spaces beneath them with light, create sightlines where there were none, and provide a sense of expansiveness. Circle Redmont has a glass flooring product for any type of deck, from aluminum or steel grids inset with glass block pavers to heavy-duty concrete and glass block units or gleaming wide glass planks that seem to defy gravity. Explore Circle Redmont’s glass panels, planks, pavers, and take your deck project to the next level.

Vault Lights

Jewel-like pieces of prismatic glass set were a common sight on the sidewalks of cities like New York, Paris, London, and Chicago. Designed to stream light to dark, basement-level spaces below street level, these “vault lights” later became appreciated for their aesthetic value. You can recapture their beauty with Circle Redmont’s Glass Bullet & Cast Iron Vault Lights, and for overhead and vertical applications, our lighter 82R™ composite cast iron panels for walls and ceilings. Our vault lights allow architects and designers to add character sidewalks, stairs, bridges, walls, barrel vaults, and more. Circle Redmont vault lights are recognized by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission as a replacement for existing cast iron and glass bullet vault lights.

Glass Walls

When light and style are called for, don’t settle for a solid wall. Whether it is an exterior wall or an interior accent wall or divider, glass can serve as a solution when both light and privacy are paramount. Plus, a glass wall can serve as a striking focal point in both residential and commercial spaces. Circle Redmont is the choice among leading architects and designers for contemporary, light-penetrating products that offer the exact desired amount of illumination and privacy. From hundreds of choices in individual glass blocks to modular wall systems, if you can envision it, Circle Redmont can help you create it.

Glass Stairs

Glass is not only a contemporary and beautiful material for a staircase, but a highly functional and durable choice as well. Glass Flooring systems from Circle Redmont are ideally suited for creating staircases that transmit light, create sightlines between levels, and look stunning. Our product line ranges from the rugged to the refined. We offer load-bearing options such as our concrete and glass block or steel and glass block paver systems for highly trafficked areas. Or when maximum elegance, light, and glass coverage are desired, products like our plank glass stair treads fit the bill. Combined with glass landings, balustrades, and side panels, these panels create a design statement and focal point.

Glass Bridges

Bridges are more interesting when glass is incorporated into the walking surface. Whether indoors or outdoors, spanning wings of a building or gently swaying over a ravine, incorporating glass panels into a glass bridge design can simply bring light to a project — or create incredible views to the space below. With 60 years of glass design and engineering experience, Circle Redmont offers products for every architect and designer’s vision. From grids of steel and glass block to gleaming planks of transparent glass, we offer the glass products to bring your bridge project to life.

Walkable Skylights

Glass can serve as both a beautiful overhead feature and walkable surface when it is used as a walkable skylight. Melding aesthetics and function, architects and designers can create a sense of openness and light while not sacrificing usable space overhead in commercial, residential, or public spaces. Circle Redmont offers several products that can be used to create walkable skylights. From steel or aluminum and glass block panels for high-traffic areas to beautiful wide glass planks in a variety of transparencies, textures, and finishes, Circle Redmont helps architects and designers create walkable glass surfaces anywhere. Walkable skylights stream daylight and expand a space visually while not sacrificing an inch of usable surface. Reach out to Circle Redmont today.

Circle Redmont: Clearly the Leader in Glass Flooring

Glass floors transmit light, create sightlines between levels, and provide clean, contemporary style. No matter the project or application, if you are looking for ways to incorporate glass flooring into your next project, Circle Redmont has the solution. In addition to custom products to fit any space or span any opening you design, we have off-the-shelf products to choose from. Our glass flooring solutions include:

Too much natural daylight? At Circle Redmont, we believe there is no such thing when it comes to floors, sidewalks, bridges, decks, stairs, or other walkable surfaces. The incorporation of glass provides a sense of expansiveness, brings light to dark spaces, and adds beauty and interest. Reach out to Circle Redmont today to find the perfect glass flooring product for your next project.

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